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Scooter Direct introduces the Karman S-305 Ergonomic Lightweight Wheelchair.
Tampa, FL – Scooter Direct is introducing a new lightweight wheelchair with advanced features and styling that typically only exist in heavier wheelchairs.

The Ergonomic S-305 by Karman Healthcare provides the perfect shape to fit the human body to relieve pressure, distribute weight and lower the risk of pressure sores and scoliosis.  Along with comfort, the S-305 comes standard with upholstery equipped with the AEGIS anti-biotic technology to control odors, stains, and deterioration.

This wheelchair can hold up to daily use and is excellent for traveling.  The all aluminum frame weighs only 29 lbs without footrests, is foldable and with easy to remove rear wheels, it can be stored in any car trunk.

Karman S-305 Ergonomic Lightweight Wheelchair Features:
  • Anti-Bacterial Upholstery
  • Folding backrest and quick release rear spoke for easy storage
  • Height adjustable armrests for the most comfort
  • Inward/Outward swing-away footrests for easy operation
  • Quick and easy release lever to remove footrests
  • 24’ rear spoke, polyurethane, high profile, flat free wheels
  • Optional height adjustable anti-tipper
  • 16 or 18 inch Seat widths available both with a 17 inch seat depth
  • Weight Capacity of 250 lbs

Karman S-Ergo 305 Light Weight

Karman S-Ergo 305 Light Weight


Scooter Direct carries a wide variety of wheelchairs, walkers, rollators and other mobility products.  More information:


Scooter Direct has helped thousands improve their independence using electric mobility scooters, power chairs, mobility lifts, wheelchairs and lift chairs.  We know you will be pleased with our exceptional service.

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Active 4 Wheel Walker Versatile for Activities on ScooterDirect.com

Active Designer Walker Rollator now offered by Scooter Direct.

Tampa, FL – Scooter Direct now offers the Scandinavian designed Active 4 wheel walker. The Active is a walker that combines all of the best user-friendly features of a walker and a rollator in a modern and sleek form.

Design has been the key element in the development of the Active from the start.  This rollator is the perfect companion for taking strolls outdoors, shopping trips to the local supermarket, or enhancing your safety in and around the house.  All Active rollators are manufactured to the highest quality standards and go through rigorous testing and quality control ensure that you get the best possible rollator that money can buy.


The Active walker has a patented braking system that puts safety first. The brake cables are protected and hidden safely away inside the walker frame. The brakes stay in perfect adjustment no matter which position the handles in, and there is no need for re-adjusting.


  • Extra large 10” front wheels rolls easily over all terrain, indoors or outside
  • Height adjustable handles accommodates users from 5’ to 6’4”
  • Hidden braking system with lockable parking brake
  • Height adjustable seat with cup holder
  • Under-seat removable shopping bag is standard
  • All Aluminum frame


Scooter Direct carries a wide variety of walkers, rollators, wheelchairs and other mobility products.  More information:


Scooter Direct has helped thousands improve their independence using electric mobility scooters, power chairs, mobility lifts, wheelchairs and lift chairs.  We know you will be pleased with the exceptional service we offer.

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Financing for Mobility Scooters, Lifts & Power chairs by ScooterDirect.com

Scooter Direct announces Flexible Financing for Mobility Scooters, Powerchairs, Scooter Lifts and Lift Chairs.
Tampa, FL – Scooter Direct has made it easier for customers to get the medical equipment they need by offering financing on almost all of the mobility scooters, Powerchairs, Scooter Lifts and Lift Chairs in their inventory.


Scooter Direct offers a variety of financing terms and interest rates designed to give customers the choice of lower interest payments or reducing their monthly payments based on their individual needs.  We offer interest rates as low as 0% when the customer chooses to pay off their loan in less than six months, even no money down.


The ScooterDirect.com website has been upgraded to easily identify any product eligible for financing.  Each product shows a Payment Calculator that automatically recalculates the monthly payment based on changes to options, term or down payment.  After determining options, press the Request Financing button and complete a short application.


Scooter Direct usually provides approvals within a half business day.  This quick service gives customers the choice of financing or paying cash without sacrificing quick delivery of the medical products they need.

Scooter Direct is proud to offer customers the ability to manage their cash with their new flexible financing offering.  There are many customers that would be unable to obtain the equipment they need without the flexibility offered through financing.

More information: http://www.scooterdirect.com/finance.php

Scooter Direct has helped thousands improve their independence using electric mobility scooters, power chairs and senior carts.  We are certain that you will be surprised how easy it is to become mobile and enjoy your life to the full.

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Pride GoGo Elite Traveller Plus Review

The Pride GoGo Elite Traveller Plus Review

Russell Hawkins of Scooter Direct says “the Go Go Elite Traveller Plus 3 Wheel is one of the best in it’s class of 3 wheeled mobility scooters”, and this incredible mobility scooter is now at an incredible price so don’t miss out!

The premier Mobility website ScooterDirect.com, offers the premier travel scooter (for those over 300 lbs) at the lowest price and with the absolute best warranty ever.

The Pride GoGo Elite Traveller Plus was designed to bring travel scooters to a greater range of people than ever before.

An increase in length, width, and a weight capacity of 300 lbs on the model SC53 and 325 lbs on the SC53HD, combine with wrap-around delta tiller allow both the larger individual and those with limited dexterity to experience the benefits of a travel specific mobility product for the first time.

The feather-touch disassembly makes the Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus the easiest travel scooter to take along anywhere.

GoGo Elite Traveller Plus (SC53) Features:

∙ Delta tiller with wraparound handles

∙ 300 lbs. weight capacity

∙ Standard 17AH battery pack

∙ 9″ rear wheels

∙ Speed up to 4.5 MPH

∙ Feather-touch disassembly with one hand

∙ Auto-connecting front to rear cable

∙ Includes 3 sets of easily changeable colored panels in 3 exciting colors: Red, Blue and Silver

∙ 1 Year In-Home Service Warranty

Scooter Direct is proud to offer customers the highest quality mobility products manufactured by premier dealers such as Pride Mobility.  The Go Go line of scooters fit the growing need of customers to travel with their scooters without the need of a scooter lift.  The Go Go scooters are great for traveling on a plane, cruise ship and will even fit into small hybrid cars. More information: http://www.scooterdirect.com/GoGoEliteTravellerPlus3Wheeldetails527~cPath=1_15&.htm.

Scooter Direct has helped thousands of people improve their independence using electric mobility scooters, power chairs and portable carts.  We are certain that you will be surprised how easy it is to become mobile and enjoy your life to the full.

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How to Choose a Mobility Scooter

Basics of Choosing a Mobility Scooter

Mobility scooters have become a common way for the people with mobility issues such as injury or shortness of breath to maintain their lifestyles with ease. Whether you want to go around the block, get your mail, go to the shopping mall, grocery store or a theme park, a mobility scooter can make your life easier.  If you have trouble walking, whether because of injury or fatigue, you might want to explore getting a scooter to supplement some of your walking.

Customers often ask “which scooter is the best?” my cliché answer is “that depends”.  Obviously, different scooter manufacturers and models have various quality and features but the best scooter is the one that works best for you.  Understanding how you plan to use your scooter will help you determine which type of mobility scooter will work best for you.  Below are some of the considerations that you need to consider to determine the best mobility scooter for you and your needs.

Note: you may not find an exact match on each category; you may need to compromise between the different important criteria.  For example, you are not going to find a scooter with a weight capacity of 300 lbs, travels 10 mph, weighs 20 pounds and fits in your pocket.

Weight Capacity

Select a mobility scooter that will not only support your weight but the weight of anything that you will be carrying.  For example, if you shop with your scooter, a gallon of milk, case of soda and other items can quickly add up to 20 pounds of additional weight.  Also, if you are like the rest of us, your weight will fluctuate.

Note: To eliminate worry about how much weight you are carrying, give yourself at least a 10% buffer when comparing your weight to that of the weight capacity of the scooter.  For example, if the weight capacity of a scooter is 300 pounds then you would not want to weigh more than 270 pounds.  You could decide to forego this buffer but you would need to make sure that you did not carry items that caused you to exceed the weight capacity of the scooter.

Scooter dimensions.

The length and width of the scooter will be important if you use your scooter indoors where the hallways are narrow or cornering is important.  Remember you have to turn the scooter into a doorway from the hallway.  3 wheel scooters have tighter turning but 4 wheel scooters have more stability.  Measure your doorways and hallways and compare your measurements to those of the scooter.

Note: The width measurement of scooters does not typically include armrests, which are adjustable.  Armrests typically add four to six inches to the seat width.  For example, a scooter with a specification measurement of 21” and a seat width of 18” is only 21” wide without the arm rests.  The width with armrests could be 22” to 30” depending on where you set the armrests.

Number of Wheels

Most scooters come in both 3 and 4 wheel models.  Choosing which model is usually based on a combination of where you intend to use it and the weight of the heaviest part you can manage. Consider the following:

3 wheel scooters – Generally these scooters have better turning radius and are better for mostly indoor use with limited outdoor use.  These are able to maneuver through tight spaces such as in your home or stores

4 wheel scooters – For more stability, a 4 wheel mobility scooter is the best option.  For use on rougher terrain such as rural areas, farms or grassy areas then a 4 wheel mobility scooter is better.

Note: Any scooter can tip over, but it is easier with 3 wheels.  However, if you use care when riding by slowing before making turn, especially when going downhill, then any model with 3 wheels is safe.

Transporting the mobility scooter

If you are only going to use the scooter in and around your home, then this section does not apply.

Do you want to be able to take your scooter with you in a car, on a plane, or a cruise?  What are the dimensions of hallways and doorways of your destination?  What is the physical ability of the person that will transport the scooter?  These are some of the questions to consider before purchasing a scooter.

For simplicity, there are generally 3 classes of scooters.  They are Portable, Mid-Sized and Full-Sized.

Portable scooter generally range in weight from 80 to 129 pounds but come apart without tools into 4 pieces with the heaviest parts weighing from 27 to 42 pounds.  This group is easy for one person to disassemble and requires no tools.  Generally these are transported without ramps or carriers but carriers can be used.

Mid-Sized scooters generally range in weight from 130 to 225 pounds but come apart into multiple pieces with the heaviest parts weighing from 42 to 65 pounds. This group of scooter is larger and will take more space to pack, even when broken down for travel.  Typically, no tools are required for disassembly.  Ramps and carriers are used by most customers for this category but not required.

Full-Sized scooters generally range in weight from 185 to 325 pounds but come apart into pieces with the heaviest parts weighing from 95 to 200 pounds. A ramp or carriers will be required for scooters in this category.

Note: Choosing a ramp or carrier has its own specific requirements which are too complex to cover in this article.  You should call Scooter Direct to select the lift, carrier or ramp that will work best for you.


How you use your mobility scooter affects your seating requirements.  If you only use your mobility scooter occasionally and sit in it rarely then a standard scooter seat will be just fine. However, if you plan to sit in your mobility scooter most of the day, then you should consider the comfortableness of the scooter seat. Some scooters have thicker layers of foam padding than others while some have gel inserts for additional comfort.

The adjustability of a seat can be a factor for some.  Nearly all mobility scooters seats can be manually raised or lowered with a pin through one of several holes on a seat post. Some scooters have an optional electric seat to raise or lower the seat with the push of a button.

Note: Most scooters have very little in the way of seat customization. Some have an option for a wider seat or a high back seat.  Specialized seating systems are mostly available on power wheelchairs.

Left or right handed

Some scooters only allow you to move forward using your right hand and reverse with your left hand.  If you are unable to use one of your hands then you should select a scooter with a Delta Tiller.  The delta tiller is a feature of some mobility scooters which allows you to drive with either hand; forward and reverse.


Each manufacturer and dealer offer their own types of warranties.  Most of the scooters offered by Scooter Direct come with an In-Home Parts and Labor warranty.    An In-Home warranty is the best option; it insures that you will not have to try and diagnose issues over the phone or have to figure out how to get the scooter to a service person.

Some of our scooters come only with a Parts warranty which means that any service required to replace parts are borne by the purchaser. This is an option for those looking to save as much on the front end of the purchase as possible or those that are able somewhat handy with tools.

Note: Golden Technologies scooters can be upgraded to a 3 year In-Home Parts and Labor warranty.


Choosing the right scooter is not overly complicated; it’s a simple matter of matching the best combination of features and function for your intended use.  Scooter Direct personnel are qualified to assist you in selecting which model will fit your needs the Best for You!