Magneta Wheelchair and Electric Scooter Trailer

Transporting a heavy electric wheelchair or travel scooter can be difficult. If you have a small car, you’re limited to lower-capacity hitches, which can’t handle the tongue weight necessary for a hitch carrier. But with this trailer, which is designed specifically to carry electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters, you can haul almost any wheelchair or scooter with nearly any car, no matter how small.

Scooter Trailer

Electric Scooter Trailer

Loading and unloading a wheelchair or travel scooter on this trailer is a snap. You simply roll your mobility device up the loading ramp to the carrying platform of the trailer. With a ramp that’s 4′ long and a platform that’s 11″ off of the ground, this trailer forms a gentle slope that will make loading your cargo easy. And the ramp pivots up, held in place by two sturdy, locking arms for travel.

Four tie-down points let you securely strap down your electric wheelchair or mobility scooter. And to deter thieves, you can lock your wheelchair or scooter to the trailer with cable locks (sold separately). You will be able to travel with confidence that your ride will be there when you get to your destination.

This trailer is built for both strength and good looks. The square and rectangular tube stock is stronger than the flat stock or angle iron commonly used on other trailers. The chassis is finished with a black powder coat to fight rust, and the deck and ramp are constructed of aluminum with a polished finish and a built-in tread plate pattern for sure footing. Assembles with basic hand tools (a drill with a 5/16″ nut driver is recommended).

Removed tongue to minimize storage space needed to store the trailer.

Magneta Scooter Trailer

Magneta Scooter Trailer being loaded


  • High-capacity transport trailer carries your heavy electric wheelchair or power scooter with ease
  • Lightweight trailer can be towed by the smallest car
  • Low-profile design keeps trailer close to the ground for easy loading and unloading
    • Loading ramp pivots up to travel securely
  • Polished aluminum platform with tread plate pattern won’t rust
  • Tie-down points let you secure your electric wheelchair or travel scooter with up to 4 cargo straps (sold separately)
  • Leaf-spring suspension gives your cargo a smooth, gentle ride
  • Black, powder coated steel tube construction makes for an extraordinarily sturdy frame
  • Removable tongue minimizes trailer storage space
  • Composite fenders, trailer lights, 4-pole flat connector, wiring and safety chains are included
  • Easy assembly with basic hand tools – Ships unassembled – ASSEMBLY REQUIRED
  • Licensing paperwork included
  • Made in USA

Additional specifications:

  • Deck height: 11″
  • Length (excluding tongue): 7-1/2′
  • Removable tongue: 2″ wide x 3″ tall x 6′ long
  • Fender dimensions: 22″ long x 8″ wide x 12″ tall

Hippocampe All Terrain Wheelchair – New Feature

 The Hippocampe All-Terrain wheelchair is a best outdoor all terrain/beach chair on wheels.  It provides access to the Beach/Water sports and other outdoor arenas including winter activities

The latest feature release of the Hippocampe Beach Wheelchair is extra large rear wheels that allow it to work in even the softest beach sand, mud and the most extreme outdoor conditions.  Now you can experience even more of the outdoors with this new accessory.  The Hippocampe wheel chair was designed for use by people of all ages, sizes and disabilities including wheelchair users and those with limited mobility.

Hippocampe Beach Wheelchair

Hippocampe Beach Wheelchair with Large Balloon wheels

The low seat of the Hippocampe beach wheelchair makes it simple to transfer oneself between the ground and the chair. At only 31 lbs, it is light and floats in the water as will each of its component parts.  All its parts are sand and water resistant and its aluminum tubes are sleeved to stop them getting hot in the sun.

A major innovation is the double width wheels designed to make movement on sand easier.  There′s no longer any need for massive arm muscles to move round the beach in complete freedom! A push bar and towing kit allows assistance by others when required.

Its neutral buoyancy design allows it to be used in or out of the water – including the sea.   And sand is no longer a barrier to enjoying beach sport: Hippocampe′s innovative double width wheels make travelling on sand simple while sleeving on the aluminum tube frame helps keep them from getting hot in the sun.

Robust and extremely stable, this smart sports vehicle packs down into a stylish carrying case in moments. Plus, it’s corrosion resistant frame is maintenance-free – just rinse with fresh water.

Scooter Direct is proud to offer customers the highest quality mobility products manufactured by premier dealers such as Pride Mobility.  Accessibility is easier than ever, thanks to the low seat of the Hippocampe More information:

Hippocampe Beach Wheelchair

Hippocampe Beach Wheelchair

Pride Jazzy1450 Bariatric Powerchair Available At

Pride Mobility announced the release of a new Jazzy electric wheelchair named the Jazzy1450 which is a front wheel drive model with a 600 lb weight capacity model available at Scooter Direct.

The Jazzy 1450 was built to carry the user in a chair built for rugged durability and exceptional power necessary to carry bariatric riders. Its unique design delivers high-performance operation indoors and out.  This unit is available with a maximum seat width of 32 inches and maximum depth of 28 inches.

Pride Mobility offers a two year warranty on electronics and an 18 month warranty on the drive motor.   Scooter Direct includes a one year In-Home Service warranty which can be used in any of the continental US states.

Pride Mobility Jazzy 1450

Pride Mobility Jazzy 1450

Pride Mobility Jazzy1450 Features:

  • 600 lb weight capacity
  • Speed up to 4.5 mph
  • 3” Ground Clearance
  • Swing Arm Suspension
  • Intelligent Braking (electronic, regenerative disc brakes)
  • Two-motor, front wheel drive
  • 14” solid Drive wheels and 9” Rear Casters
  • Medium Back Seat with Headrest

Scooter Direct is proud to offer customers the highest quality mobility products manufactured by premier dealers such as Pride Mobility.  For more information: Direct has helped thousands of people improve their independence using electric mobility scooters, power chairs and portable carts.  We are certain that you will be surprised how easy it is to become mobile and enjoy your life to the full.


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Battery Test for Mobility Scooters or Powerchairs

Tools Required: Battery Load Tester

You can measure battery voltage using a conventional voltmeter and get an acceptable reading of 12 – 14 Volts but you still may not have enough power to drive the Power wheelchair or Mobility Scooter. You need to test the batteries under a “Load State” – (e.g. sitting in and driving the Mobility Chair).

Batteries that fail when used under a load may change the performance behavior of the Mobility Device. Most controllers need a minimum of 18 volts to function properly.  Batteries that fail under a load may not have enough power to operate the Equipment properly. See Picture 1 for load test connections.

To load test the batteries:

  1. Remove the chassis shroud or open the Battery Pack as needed to access the scooter batteries
  2. Disconnect the battery cables.
  3. Connect load charger terminal connectors to the battery terminals. Make sure the Positive connector of the load tester is connected to the positive terminal of the battery and the negative connector of the load tester is connected to the negative terminal of the battery.
  4. Hold the Load On switch on for 10 seconds.
  5. Read the meter with the load on.
  6. Determine if the battery is good or bad while under a load.
  7. If the battery is bad, replace the battery at
    1. It is recommended that both batteries be replaced at the same time.
    2. If the battery is good, then the batteries are not the problem. Continue to troubleshoot unit by checking battery connections and harness connections.
Battery Load Tester

Battery Load Tester

Pride Go Go Assembly and Disassembly Instructions

Pride Go Go Disassembly

Pride Go Go Disassembly


You can disassemble the Pride Go Go Scooters into five pieces: the seat, the front section, the rear section, the basket, and the battery pack.  No tools are required to disassemble or assemble your Travel Scooter. Always disassemble or assemble your Portable Mobility Scooter on a level, dry surface with sufficient room for you to work and move around—about 5 feet (1.5 meters) in all directions. Remember that some Travel Scooter components are heavy and you may need assistance when lifting them.

WARNING! Do not lift weight beyond your physical capability. Ask for assistance when necessary while is assembling or assembling your Travel Scooter


Disassembled Travel Scooter

  1. Lock the tiller in the straight ahead position by pushing the tiller lock knob in and turning it clockwise 90°. The front wheel must face forward in order to lock the tiller.
  2. Remove the seat by lifting it straight up and off of the Travel Scooter. If you encounter resistance when removing the seat, disengage the seat rotation lever and swivel the seat back and forth while lifting up on the seat.
  3. Remove the battery pack from the Travel Scooter.

Frame Separation

  1. Lower the tiller and tighten the tiller adjustment knob.
  2. Lift up on the frame release lever until the frame hooks are no longer resting on the lower frame tube.
  3. Slowly separate the two sections of the Travel Scooter.
Pride Go Go Assembly

Pride Go Go Assembly







NOTE: Before attempting assembly, tilt the rear half of the Travel Scooter slightly back on the anti-tip wheels.

  1. Use the frame release lever to lift the front section as you align the frame hooks of the front section with the lower frame tube of the rear section.
  2. Once the frame hooks are over the lower frame tube, lower the front section completely. This will engage the frame lock-up.
  3. Raise the tiller and fully tighten the tiller adjustment knob.
  4. Reinstall the battery pack.
  5. Reinstall the seat and rotate it until it locks into place.
  6. Unlock the front wheel by turning the tiller lock knob 90° counterclockwise.

WARNING! After assembly, make absolutely certain the tiller lock knob is in the unlocked position before riding your Travel Scooter.

Pride Go Go Frame

Pride Go Go Frame