Choosing the Best Mobility Lift

Matching your vehicle with the options of mobility devices is easy with the Scooter Direct Compatibility Calculator. But selecting the right auto lift to fit your needs also depends on your physical capabilities.  Below is an explanation to help you understand the physical requirements of the different lifts.

If more than one lift category will work for you, compare the ease of various types of lifts.  In general, Outside Lifts are the easiest and require the least amount of physical labor to load and unload.  Hybrid Lifts are the middle of the road choice and Inside lifts typically require the most strength and dexterity.

Here are the Physical Requirements you should consider:

ALL Lift users must be able to:

  • Walk from front to rear of the vehicle and back
  • Stand for two to three minutes while the lift operates

Outside Vehicle Lift users must also be able to:

Hybrid Auto Lift users must also be able to:

  • Drive or push the mobility device on and off the platform
  • Hold down a button on the hand control while the vehicle lift operates
  • Fold the seat back of the mobility device or scooter till for its most compact position
  • For Retractor Straps, lean over and pull strap end to connect hook to mobility device.
  • Twist knob to increase tension and tighten straps
  • For Dock and Lock units.  Drive onto platform.  Verify green light is illuminated.  Drive off in reverse to unload.
  • Sample Lifts: Harmar AL600, Pride Backpacker lift

Inside Auto Lift users must also be able to:

  • Attach docking device to mobility device: May require bending or kneeling with adequate hand dexterity, balance and strength
  • Fold the seat back of the mobility chair or the scooter tiller to its most compact position
  • Apply pressure to hold button on hand-held control while lift operates
  • Guide the mobility device to avoid interference while raising, rotating, and entering the vehicle through a complete lift cycle.
  • Sample Lifts: Harmar AL225, Harmar AL425, Pride Silverboom 250

Choosing the right Scooter Lift or Power wheelchair lift is as important as choosing the right scooter or power wheelchair.  Choosing the wrong one can impact your willingness to take a trip due to the difficulty of using the lift.

Let Scooter Direct assist you with this selection and you will be sure to get the best vehicle lift for the best price available.  See our full selection at